Axes widget of a gui ....

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karan on 24 Nov 2011
Hi i have a gui which has an axes widget..
I was wondering how can i save my plot to a jpeg format file..
Thanks for your assistance.
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karan on 24 Nov 2011
although i have an axes widget in my gui can i open this same plot in a figure window for editing purposes.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Nov 2011
Possibly my response from is appropriate about saving the axes content ?
If you have a plot in an axes and you want to copy it to a different figure, then you can create the second figure and copyobj() the axes to it.
If you do not want all the graphics items in the axes, you could either remove the extra ones after the copyobj(), or you could create a new axes in the new figure and copyobj() only the things you want to keep over to the new axes.

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