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Matlab crashes on me every time I get an error message in the command window.

Asked by John Perrow on 15 Jun 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 16 Jun 2015
Anyway I can fix this? Thanks


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it could be any error from a script I am writing that doesn't work when I try to run it. I am running windows 7 as my OS.
Are you asking for debugging techniques? Or are you saying that everything you do at the command line results in an error? For example if you type in
then does that give an error?
Is it MATLAB itself that crashes? Or your script that crashes? Can you include a screenshot with the green and brown frame icon so we can see what you're seeing? If it's your script that's crashing, attach the m-file. And if..... oh heck, I don't want to repeat everything in the tutorial, just read this link and fix your post.

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1 Answer

Answer by Katalin
on 15 Jun 2015

Also, looking at the crash log generated by matlab could help to find the reason. Look at this thread:


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