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How to convert 27625 to base 10 from base 7 ?

Asked by Abishek V Iyer on 19 Jun 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Katalin
on 19 Jun 2015
Why do i get an error while trying to convert the number from base 7 to 10?


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Answer by Katalin
on 19 Jun 2015
 Accepted Answer

It cannot have number 7 in it if it is in base 7. Otherwise you would do it like this: base2dec('26625',7)


Thank you very much ... Also what is the difference between having = 'xxxxx' and simply xxxx (without the inverted commas) ?
You are welcome! :-) The syntax is: d = base2dec('strn', base); It has to be a string (that's why the ''), as for example higher than 10 base numbers have letters in them e.g. base 16 has abcdef characters in the numbers.

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Answer by Guillaume
on 19 Jun 2015

Base 7 uses seven symbols. Traditionally, and in matlab, these are digits 0 to 6.

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thank you very much

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