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Why is my function not defining my outputs and just returning "ans"?

Asked by Jennifer Miller on 23 Jun 2015
Latest activity Commented on by BSantos on 23 Jun 2015
I have written the following function to remove noise from an EMG signal
function[EMG_filtered] = noise_removal(EMG)
Fs = 2000;
[b1,a1]=butter(5,[48/Fs*2, 52/Fs*2],'stop');
x = filter(b1,a1,EMG);
x1 = filter(b2,a2,x);
EMG_filtered = filter(b3,a3,x1);
The function is running correctly except for the fact that it does not save the output as EMG_filtered. It returns "ans" which equals EMG_filtered but this is overwritten as soon as a different function is run. I am having this problem with all the functions I am running. Am I not defining the output correctly?
Thanks for any help and advice

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you forgot a space in between "function" and the first bracket.

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1 Answer

Answer by Katalin
on 23 Jun 2015
 Accepted Answer

In the script where you are using the function you need to define a variable e.g
ABC = noise_removal(data);
Then it will be stored in ABC. Otherwise if you just run it it will always put the result in "ans" of any function.


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