Differences between svmtrain and fitcsvm

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I have a set of data composed of list of 35 features. I notice when I give the data to svmtrain I get the message:
no convergence achieved within maximum number of iterations
Than, when I increase the number if iteration " MaxIter " up to around 1,000,000 the above error disappear and I start getting good classification using " svmclassify ".
On the other hand, when I give the data to " fitcsvm " it converge quickly within the default number of iteration "15,000". However, the problem is when I try to classify the data using " predict ", I got wrong classification.
So in a nutshell, at last " svmtrain " classify the data correctly after increasing number of iteration. However," fitcsvm " neither classify the data correctly, nor it gives me the opportunity to increase number of iteration because it looks from checking the ConvergenceInfo.Converged property that it converge successfully.
Any advice please? notice I'm new to matlab and SVM.

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Ilya on 10 Jul 2015
Look at the doc/help for fitcsvm or, alternatively look at the ConvergenceInfo property in the returned object. There are several tolerances. Pass low values of these tolerances to fitcsvm, say 1e-10. This usually ensures that optimization runs until the max number of iterations is met. You can then resume if desired.
Or try a different solver such as 'isda'. If you have a thousand observations or less, try 'l1qp' which dispatches to quadprog (this requires Optimization Toolbox installed).
Ilya on 16 Jul 2015
You could set lots of parameters. What are you trying to accomplish?
If you want to fit an accurate model, the box constraint and kernel scale for non-linear kernels are the two common tuning knobs. Also, try both SMO and ISDA solvers. The fact that optimization does not converge doesn't mean the model is not accurate.
If you are saying that no matter what you do, a model fitted by svmtrain is more accurate than the one fitted by fitcsvm, I'd like to take a look at your data. Can you post it somewhere?

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Victor Vergara
Victor Vergara on 13 Oct 2020
I am having exactly the same problem. fitcsvm and fitclinear do not perform as well as svmtrain. I changed the convergence tolerances of fitcsvm and didn't work. I would like to see how was this solved.


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