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GUI with changeable number of tabs

Asked by Mus'ab Ahmad on 10 Jul 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Mus'ab Ahmad on 19 Jul 2015
Greetings, How can I create changeable number of tabs in matlab gui? I mean based on the content inserted in the main tab (let say number 4), then a number of tabs (4 tabs) should appear in addition to the main one.


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Answer by Richa Gupta on 15 Jul 2015
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Hi Mus’ab,
It is possible to create changeable number of tabs in a MATLAB GUI. Below is an example of how to do that:
tabgp = uitabgroup(gcf); %create a tab group
tab1 = uitab(tabgp,'Title','Main Tab'); %create the main tab
hbox = uicontrol('Parent', tab1, 'Style', 'edit', 'String', '0', 'HorizontalAlignment', 'left', 'Position', [80 320 170 25],'Callback',{@create_new_tabs,tabgp}); %create an edit box in the main tab from where the user can specify the number of tabs to be inserted; add a callback function create_new_tabs
function create_new_tabs(hObject,callbackdata,tabgp)
for x = 1:str2num(hObject.String) %create the number of tabs entered by the user
tab.(['t' num2str(x)]) = uitab(tabgp,'Title',['Tab' num2str(x)]);
I hope this helps.

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It works, thanks a lot Richa

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