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Simple function for obtain a T statistic from sample mean, stdev & hypothetical mean

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Is there a Matlab function that will take sample values (mean, stdev) together with a hypothetical mean and return a T value without requiring me to enter all the sample data?
If it is not a native feature, can you recommend an open source library of Matlab functions?

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 1 May 2023
Here you go:
t_observed = (sample_mean - hypothetical_mean) / sample_sd * sqrt(n);
n is the number of scores averaged to get the sample_mean
sample_sd is the version normalized by n-1 (i.e., MATLAB's default)
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Frank Schumann
Frank Schumann on 1 May 2023
Thank you. Maybe I misunderstood the original question then: I'm looking for a function to get the full ttest results, that also calculates h, p, stats, allows me to specify a one or two-sided test, etc.
The original question was not. I can do all this manually, but it would be so much more convenient to be able to simply input summary statistics (mean, std, n) into the ttest or ttest2 function.

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