Save Regression Tree using Matlab commands

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Jerry Feng
Jerry Feng on 13 Jul 2015
Answered: Ilya on 13 Jul 2015
I generated a regression tree using command and I was able to view/save the tree using GUI as a result of command view(treename,'mode','graph'). However, I was not able to complete the saveas() procedure using Matlab commands, as I found no way to access the figure generated by the view() command.
I browsed some previous post including:
which suggests that I can assign a handle to the figure, for example :
h = view(treename,'mode','graph')
However, when I attempt to do so with my Matlab R2013a, the command I mentioned above generated an error message:
>> h = view(treename,'view','graph')
Error using RegressionTree/view
Too many output arguments.
Can someone please offer some instructions on this?
Thanks in advance!

Answers (1)

Ilya on 13 Jul 2015
You can choose SaveAs from the figure pop-up menu when you click on File in the upper left corner.
If you can't find SaveAs for some reason, try this:
prunelevel = 0;
h = treename.Impl.viewGraph([],treename.NodeMean,treename.PredictorNames,prunelevel,'')


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