How to solve the error>>> Error evaluating parameter 'InputValues' in 'crankshaf​t_jointact​/Lookup Table'

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I am currently using SIMULINK version-7.9 [2012 A]
WHILE using the simulink model which was running on other Simulink version.
It is showing error as >>> Error evaluating parameter 'InputValues' in 'crankshaft_jointact/Lookup Table' and on my model look-up table is marked as RED means the look-up table which is being used in higher version is not compatible to lower version or it is missing some configurable files , what are required for running the model.
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M.K.H. CHANDAN on 13 Aug 2015
another error it is showing below that line is Undefined variable "Force_Table" or class "Force_Table.crank_angle". Does it missing the configured entity "Force_Table" & class "Force_Table.crank_angle" ?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Aug 2015
If the model was created in a later version, then you may need to open it in that later version and request to save it with backwards compatibility. Models created in one version might not be usable in any previous version unless you save for compatibility.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Aug 2015
Possibly you could find someone with a new enough Simulink version to save the model for you. (I cannot do it myself as I do not have Simulink.)

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