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matlab code for brain tumor detection based on multi parameter MRI image analysis

Asked by bhargavi on 3 Mar 2011
Latest activity Commented on by Saraswathi Batthula on 28 Dec 2018
Accepted Answer by Jan
AIM AND KEY WORDS OF THIS TOPIC IS to detect the exact location of tumor without disturbing the entire image.
MRI image as input --> preprocessing --> division into blocks -->
--> E --> G --> H --> watershed segmentation --> 2D visiualization
so far i tried like this..
firstly i have read an brain tumor mri image,by using 'imtool' command observed the pixels values. now as already we are knowing from input image the location of the tumor i placed cursor at that place and observed the pixels at that place.
but i have many doubts there sir.that is how can i differ tumor located pixels from other pixels in the image and how to highlight that part only.
i don't know what to do from this step. as i am not getting that i moved to edge detection. that to i did not get properly.
i just tried this and i don't that is this is correct or not.


Please open a new thread for this question.
And "If you present the code you have accomplished so far on this, and discuss the errors you have found in your code, then someone may help you to understand the errors."
But please do that in a new Question, not this one.

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Answer by Jan
on 3 Mar 2011
 Accepted Answer

This request is bold. On one hand you write " I have to do", but some line later you please us to send you the code without mentioning any details about what you have done so far.
I cannot imagine, that you really expect to get a ready-made program by this way. Therefore I estimate this "question" as not serious.
EDITED: Bhargavi has inserted the necessary amount of information and improved the question substantially. Now it is obvious, that his question is serious.

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Thank you very much for this additional information. I suggest to edit the original question and replace it by the comments for this and Walter's answer. It is much more likely, that an image processing profi will spend time for answering, if the question contains 1. the information about what you have done so far, and 2. *less* uppercase letters.
You tell us, that you have tried this. Then it is the best idea to post the code, even if it is wrong. It is always *much* easier to improve a code, then to create a new one.

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 3 Mar 2011

That paper and building the resulting code is a complete course for at least one university. It would thus seem inappropriate to provide the entire source code on demand.
The primary author's faculty description is here; you could probably locate his email address and write and ask for the software.

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Sorry, I do not have any experience in those topics.
When searching for additional information about the paper, I noted that you have been asking in other forums for this code since February 13th. It is unfortunate that you did not happen to try here earlier.
If you present the code you have accomplished so far on this, and discuss the errors you have found in your code, then someone may help you to understand the errors.

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Answer by elise lau
on 4 Apr 2012

I'm doing same project as you..can i have the coding for this project?


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Do you have code for brain tumor detection?If exists please send me at

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Answer by r r
on 4 Aug 2018

Please help me I have 20 images I could extract the tumor and want to study the size of the tumor how it??


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