Error while extracting data..... trying to parse data in order to make a big data set..

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karan on 15 Dec 2011
Hi i am trying to read data of multiple csv files that contains numeric,text data which is delimited by commas...
format of the raw data in these csv.files is shown below.
405FBEF422BE,70779969741502,08/11/11,11:10:15,08/11/11,11:13:48, 3.550,0
A0960EACF9,689712311545,08/11/11,11:10:42,08/11/11,11:14:01, 3.308,0
1474118A3811,22488743032849,08/11/11,11:11:07,08/11/11,11:13:55, 2.800,0
I tried to use the following code but i am getting this error.
d = dir('*.csv');
N_File = numel(d);
C = {};
for num = 1:N_File
k = fullfile(d(num).name);
dat = myfileread(d(num).name,num);
C = [C;dat];
??? Error using ==> datenum at 182
DATENUM failed.
Error in ==> myfileread at 8
t1 = datenum(strrep(strcat(data{3},'-',data{4}),'-',' '));
Caused by:
Error using ==> datevec at 286
Cannot parse date .
------------ The code for the above function myfileread is-----------*
function outdata = myfileread(fname,k)
% read from file
fid = fopen(fname);
data = textscan(fid,'%s%f%s%s%s%s%f%f','delimiter',',');
% extract time stamps and convert to serial date numbers
t1 = datenum(strrep(strcat(data{3},'-',data{4}),'-',' '));
t2 = datenum(strrep(strcat(data{5},'-',data{6}),'-',' '));
% combine together into one big cell array
outdata = num2cell(k*ones(size(data{1}))),data{1},num2cell([data{2},t1,t2,data{7},data{8}])];
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 15 Dec 2011
Check for a problematic .csv file. If using the .csv file you shown, it works fine.

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