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karan on 17 Dec 2011
OK i have a gui in which i have plotted a raw data and processed data which goes through an algorithm.Now when i open the same graph in a plot/figure window i want to manually remove some points(outliers).
My main question is.Is it possible to remove points(outliers/bad data) from the brushing tool and make the leftover data re-run the algorithm such that i get better results,because when i just remove data points now : it just deletes that specific point and does not change the 'dynamics of the plot'(other data set calculated does not change after some points are deleted).
Is it possible to do the above??? in gist of the above request i want to iterate the data from the use of brushing tool.
Any help/hints would be really appreciated.
Thanks for your help in advance.
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karan on 17 Dec 2011
Can i retrieve the remaining data???

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