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BEST robotics installation issue

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Brian Sneider
Brian Sneider on 23 Sep 2015
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
A student of mine just downloaded and activated the software matlab simulink for BEST robotics. When he starts matlab, the BEST menu does not appear. I watched the "quick start" video which states it is the 2nd video. Can't find the install video on the page.

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Sandeep Math
Sandeep Math on 24 Sep 2015
Hello Brian,
The install video was removed since we updated the install process this year. Instead, I would recommend reviewing the install instructions provided here: The above link was also made available to the teams in the installation instructions sent by email.
In regards to not finding the BEST VEX manu (or we call it the VEX Companion App), its possible that you either did not install the VEX Support Package (which installs the App along with other components required) or the Support Package installation did not complete successfully. Please follow the install guide for the Support Package in the above link. If you encounter any issues/errors during the install, capture the error messages and send it to us at for further investigation.

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