How can i measure half side of the eye's pupil using matlab???

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i need to measure the area of the pupil from the centre axis one side at a time. how can i do that? is there anyway to do that automatically or should use manual method? Pls post whatever suggestions you have. Thanks in advance.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Sep 2015
How do you define the central axis? A vertical line going through the centroid? Or can it be at some other angle? Please attach your image. Maybe you can simply threshold and call regionprops() and then use find() to go down the binary image and get the left and right distances from the "central axis".
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learner on 24 Sep 2015
Edited: learner on 24 Sep 2015
to measure image like this. vertical central axis of the pupil to right and left side. to compare the measured values with stored data.

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