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How can i do object oriented programming in Simulink?

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Does simulink support object oriented programming? I want to design a control algorithm for an air compressor systems consisting of multiple compressors(objects). The compressors will have some of its specifications as parameters.
Can anyone suggest how to do?
Or any similar sample model will also be very helpful.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 5 Oct 2015
If you want object-oriented programming in Simulink, I would recommend going the route of creating System objects.
These can be used in Simulink via the MATLAB System block.
- Sebastian
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Sashank Pappu
Sashank Pappu on 6 Aug 2019
Thank you. Can you please provide any applications in the industry that have been done so far? I just started with system objects, But its quite new and really vast.

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Joel Handy
Joel Handy on 6 Aug 2019
It sounds like a simple masked subsystem may suit your needs. Its not object oriented programming but you can use it to define unique parameters for a custom subsystem block.

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