Show value of an array in a messagebox

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I would like to display a value of an array in a messagebox.. However it comes with alot of white space.
msgbox(num2str(variable1(4,4))) gives:
Who has the answer to this probably "super" easy question ;)!

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TastyPastry on 29 Oct 2015
msgbox() doesn't give you a lot of options with the formatting. If you want to move the text to the right, you can add an icon.
Otherwise, you're better off creating your own figure and putting UI elements into it. For example, if you were to create a small figure and put the value and an OK button:
fig = figure('position',[350 350 150 150]);
data = uicontrol('style','text','units','normalized','string',num2str(myData),...
'horizontalalignment','center','position',[.4 .2 .6 .2]);
button = uicontrol('style','pushbutton','units',normalized','string','OK','position',[.4 .1 .2 .1]);
Then, you can just set the button callback to close the figure or something.
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KFrenkie on 29 Oct 2015
I changed it to a figure :)!

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