getting the path from a node

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biswajita lenka
biswajita lenka on 3 Jan 2012
hi i am storing a node among all other nodes of a path,basing on some condition.there are several paths.thats why i got an vector consisting of nodes,where each node is reppresenting a i found the one desired node,that have the maximum power among all nodes in that vector. Now i want to get the path to which the desired node belongs to. can anybody help me?
biswajita lenka
biswajita lenka on 3 Jan 2012
That is abosolutely right.
but the algorithm which i am trying to impliment is a bit different.this is about:
first i have to get all possible paths between a source and destination.
then for each path i have to compare the remaining battery power of all nodes present within that path.then i have to choose the node having minimum power.
this procedure will continue for all possible paths.
after getting one minimum powered node from each path,we have to find the perticular node that have maximum battery power among all minimum powered nodes,that we have found already (one node for every available path).
this algorithm is called MMBCR(MAX-MIN Battery capacity routing).
The way u r suggesting is for "Maximum Battery Capacity routing".

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