Is there a shortcut for selecting the word under the cursor in MATLAB?

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As per question, to replace double click
To clarify, I mean the caret not the mouse cursor.

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TastyPastry on 2 Nov 2015
You could use shift + arrow to move to the beginning/end of a word, then shift + control + arrow in the opposite direction to select the word.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Nov 2015
Surely you're not saying that clicking twice is too hard, and you'd rather move your fingers farther to do some keystroke or combination of keystrokes, so I'm assuming you're wanting to get help on the function name that your cursor is placed in. So to do that, you simply have to hit the F1 key. You don't have to actually double click to highlight the whole word in order to get help on it.
Otherwise the best way I know to do it is to do Ctrl+rightarrow then do Ctrl+Shift+leftarrow, however that selects the space after the word also, whereas double-click does not select the trailing space.
Andy on 3 Nov 2015
Edited: Andy on 3 Nov 2015
Walter Robertson, very interesting article.
Image analyst, thanks for the other suggestions. TastyPastry got in the earliest to earn the accepted answer.

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