Creating an array of structs and using the field directly?

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Hey guys. I'm wondering if there is a workaround for doing something like this:
a = {[struct('field',1) struct('field',2)].field}
which works in octave but not in matlab ("invalid syntax at '.'. Possibly a ')', ']' or '}' is missing"), I have to use a temporary variable. This is quite annoying. Is there a workaround?
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Guillaume on 26 Feb 2016
Note that this has nothing to do with with the fact that you're creating an array of structure. You're effectively doing
a = fn(someargs).field %where fn can be any function
which is illegal in matlab. Functions cannot be indexed using {} or . indexing.

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Andy Campbell
Andy Campbell on 26 Feb 2016
Edited: Andy Campbell on 26 Feb 2016
Do you need it to be a one liner? If not:
s = [struct('field',1) struct('field',2)];
a = {s.field};
Otherwise you can use arrayfun, but this isnt the most readable.
>> arrayfun(@(s) getfield(s,'field'), [struct('field',1) struct('field',2)])
ans =
1 2
>> arrayfun(@(s) getfield(s,'field'), ...
[struct('field',1) struct('field',2)], ...
ans =
[1] [2]


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