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Elduderino on 24 Dec 2015
Commented: Elduderino on 24 Dec 2015
I am trying to read some data from a .dat file, by using the textscan function. The Problem is, that MATLAB outputs me a cell array where the cells contain the whole column of my data and I am not able to adress each element individually, which I will need for further evaluation. Sb knows what I am missing here?
Merry Christmans
Code and files:
datacell = textscan(fid, '%u %u %f64 %f64 %f64','HeaderLines', 1);
Data File:
% track# exppar1[Hz] lcut[dB HL] mlow[CU/dB] mhigh[CU/dB]
1 250.00000000 54.22407002 0.40618241 0.88538138
2 500.00000000 65.67426102 0.35505814 1.03196552
3 1000.00000000 68.89377754 0.33789152 1.14795756
4 2000.00000000 59.92227307 0.36044833 0.99198012
5 4000.00000000 63.79115269 0.39970735 3.14824276
6 6000.00000000 56.08308046 0.46312449 1.20653864
output of datacell{1}
ans =

Accepted Answer

Kirby Fears
Kirby Fears on 24 Dec 2015
You've given textscan directions to read 5 columns where the first two are %u (integers) and the next three are %f64 (doubles). Considering that you are specifying data types per column, Matlab has to give you each column separately. It's standard to put the columns together into a cell array.
You can access row 5 of column 1 by indexing twice as follows:
ans =
Does this solve your problem? What else are you trying to do with the data?
Elduderino on 24 Dec 2015
Thanks was exactly what I was looking for, and didn't expect this cell array + 'regular array' syntax.
I guess I am just going to make some graphs, standard deviation and maybe look for correlation. Nothing fancy :)
Thanks again and a merry Christmas you all!

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