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How to properly take derivative of discrete data ?

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Ole on 30 Dec 2015
Edited: Rohit Garud on 16 Aug 2020
Taking derivative of discrete data requires some fitting and then using the b-form of the polynomial.
How to make a 'good' fit and properly take derivative? I am confused what is the right behavior of the derivative. Things change quite rapidly with small adjustments of the fitting scaps coefficient 0.09 in the example below.
The test.txt data is attached.
T = load('test.txt'); x = T(:,1); y=T(:,2)
pp22 = csaps(x,y,0.09);%some fit b-form
pp22val = ppval(pp22,x);
plot(x,pp22val,x,y) %quality of fit
p_der202 = fnder(pp22,2);
y_prime22 = ppval(p_der202,x); % values

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Rohit Garud
Rohit Garud on 16 Aug 2020
Edited: Rohit Garud on 16 Aug 2020
You can use the gradient() function in newer versions of matlab
dy_by_dx = gradient(y(:)) ./ gradient(x(:))

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