Replacing string by start of this string

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Hello All,
would you be so kind, could you advise me, how can i create condition with 'if', when i need replace all columns start with 'something-some string' by other string. For example, I have CPU type:'AMD Opteron 852 Single Core' and I need to replace it by only 'AMD Opteron'....:) Thank you for your help in advance...:)

Accepted Answer

per isakson
per isakson on 30 Jan 2016
cac = {'AMD','INTEL','ZILOG'
cac = regexprep( cac, '^Z.+$', 'Z80' )
cac =
'AMD' 'INTEL' 'Z80'
'Z80' 'AMD' 'INTEL'
All strings starting with "Z" are replaced by "Z80"
Radoslav Vandzura
Radoslav Vandzura on 31 Jan 2016
Edited: Radoslav Vandzura on 31 Jan 2016
I resolved it yet by the following way:
for i=1:length(Tcell)
split_cell = strsplit(Tcell{i,4});
status = 0;
switch split_cell{1}
case 'IBM'
status = 1;
split_cell = 'IBM';
case 'AMD'
status = 1;
split_cell = 'AMD';
case 'Intel'
status = 1;
split_cell = 'Intel';
if status == 0
split_cell = 'Iny';
Tcell{i,4} = split_cell;
Thank you :) I appreciate your help and time :)

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