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Converting hh:mm:ss into seconds

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tethys on 20 Jan 2012
Answered: Steven Lord on 1 Sep 2021
Hi all,
I want to read the vectors which are hh:mm:ss (14:35:59.812) format and convert it to seconds. How can I do this in matlab?

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 20 Jan 2012
Is this what you are looking for?
[Y, M, D, H, MN, S] = datevec(t);
Arshey Dhangekar
Arshey Dhangekar on 1 Sep 2021
I want to convert Time column ( HH:MM:SS) to min, there is a direct command time2num but it requires toolbox and it's paid.So without using time2num how can I convert into minutes. I tried with datetime also but I got error.
times = datetime(table.Time,'InputFormat','HH:mm:ss:SSS');
times = hour(times).*60 + minute(times) + second(times)./60;

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per isakson
per isakson on 20 Jan 2012
The first and the last cell returns the result I think you are looking for. See help on DATENUM
datenum( '14:35:59.812', 'HH:MM:SS.FFF' ) .* (24*60*60) - ...
datenum( '00:00:00.000', 'HH:MM:SS.FFF' ) .* (24*60*60)
datestr( datenum( '00:00:00.000', 'HH:MM:SS.FFF' ), 'yyyy-mm-dd' )
datenum( '14:35:59.812', 'HH:MM:SS.FFF', 0 ) .* (24*60*60)
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tethys on 20 Jan 2012
Thansk for the answer, it is very useful information:)

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Peter Seibold
Peter Seibold on 18 Apr 2021
About 100 times faster is:

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 1 Sep 2021
F = 'hh:mm:ss.SSS';
du = duration(t, 'InputFormat', F, 'Format', F)
du = duration
format longg % To make s look nicer
s = seconds(du)
s =

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