lcd display with matlab simulink

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klob on 22 Jan 2012
Commented: bharath H P on 17 Apr 2021
Hello everyone, I have a project in which i have to take the temperature of a sensor via arduino and make a fan spin accordingly. Even though i am new to the electronics i managed to do that. Now the final step is to display it in a lcd screen(display the temperature and the revolutions of the fan per minute,or at least one of these two).
Can someone help me please? I have an arduino uno board and a 2x16 lcd screens which has 4 bits for input.
Arduino has a library(liquid screen) and i managed to use the screen. But how can i do it in Matlab Matlab-Simulink?
Thanks in advance.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Jan 2012

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phil on 6 Feb 2013
hey klob... i am currently doing the exact same thing. i have had partial success!...
google this: Writing a Simulink Device Driver block: a step by step guide
basically you can use external libraries in simulink. i used the liquidcrystal.h file from arduino to make it work.
So i can already drive the display with simulink but unfortunately I can not pass any strings to it...
please contact me if you have a solution ...or contact me if you are unclear about the drivers guide.
gl - phil
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bharath H P
bharath H P on 17 Apr 2021
i have doubt in creating s function using LCD drivers
Please help with this

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