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Lilya on 15 Feb 2016
Answered: MHN on 15 Feb 2016
Hi all,
I have 2 questions.
1- how can I save the Matlab table?
2- how can I calculating the min, max from a specific column in the table with its index and create another new one (with those data are extracted)?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

MHN on 15 Feb 2016
1- Use "save" to save any variable (including tables) in workspace. For example, save the table "T" in the file "savefile.mat".
T = array2table(rand(5,10));
save('savefile.mat', 'T')
2- For example, let say you would like to find the minimum in the second column and remove the related raw from the table:
T = array2table(rand(5,10));
T1 = T;
[~, minraw] = min(T1{:,2});

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