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Getting error from xlsread

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I am trying to run a code which used to work perfectly using previous versions of Matlab. Now after upgrading to version 2015b I receive this error at line 251 of xlsread.m
Anybody knows anyway to fix this?
thank you.
Kashif Mehmood
Kashif Mehmood on 25 May 2019
i tried this but still have problem

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Accepted Answer

xianjie Zhou
xianjie Zhou on 17 Feb 2016
What error message you got? I have the same problem, it saids: Error: The server threw an exception. But I run for second time it goes. I believe there are some solutions for that:
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Armin Sadeghian
Armin Sadeghian on 17 Feb 2016
When I check xlsread.m at line 251 I see the same error "threw exception".I reinstalled Matlab, but it did not solve my problem.

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XM Liu
XM Liu on 17 Nov 2016
1- open the excel> file, >option, >add in, manage then select COM ADD IN, and clear everything (unchecked). everything should be cleared (unchecked). 2- restart the PC, and open the matlab. 3- perform xlsread command.
PS. For those people who use foxit pdf reader, it is potential to face this problem, so follow mentioned order.
Atsushi on 30 Apr 2019
Thanks Liu. It also worked for me with R2018a and Excel 2016.

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Seth Wright
Seth Wright on 22 Oct 2018
Saving it as a csv file fixed it


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