Labeled rows and column in a matrix

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Shima Asaadi
Shima Asaadi on 14 Mar 2016
Answered: MHN on 14 Mar 2016
I would like to create a matrix with labeled rows and columns. Then use the labels to fill in the Matrix. For example: the first row of matrix A is word1 and the third column of A is word3. I want to value A(word1,word3)=1.5 . sometimes I need numerical index of rows/columns (like a normal matrix) and sometimes the labels. I tried, but it does not have numerical index! Which structure would you suggest?
Thanks, Shima
Kirby Fears
Kirby Fears on 14 Mar 2016
The table structure works here.

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Accepted Answer

MHN on 14 Mar 2016
Use table instead.

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