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Using "actxserver" to open Applications Excel and/or STK - Server Creation Failed: Access is denied.

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Jassem Sleiman
Jassem Sleiman on 14 Mar 2016
Commented: Jassem Sleiman on 29 Mar 2016
I am having some difficulty in using the actxserver function and receiving an error that my IT department and I cannot resolve. So I'm reaching out to the community, in order to find any workable solutions. I appreciate any and all help and details.
My real problem is booting STK, using MatLab, onto a "Remote" machine. I can use the actxserver function to boot STK, from MatLab, on a "Local" machine. Be it, when the two software tools, STK and MatLab are on the same computer, it works. When they're on different computers, it doesn't work. For debugging purposes, I tried doing this with Excel, instead of STK, and received the same error. Below is a sample of the code I run..
applicationName = 'STK.Application';
% applicationName = 'Excel.Application';
computerName = 'ABC-REMOTE-PC'; % This is the REMOTE computer name
% computerName = 'ABC-LOCAL-PC'; % This is the LOCAL computer name
APP = actxserver( applicationName, 'machine', computerName );
If I run this little bit of code using the Local computer, meaning both MatLab and the selected application are on the same computer, then the code works. I get some sort of work space return, and STK even does a pop-up to show it is running in the background. I can see either process using Ctrl+Shift+Esc, too.
If I do this using the Remote computer, for either STK or Excel, with MatLab still on the Local computer, it does NOT work. I get no STK pop up, on the remote computer. I see nothing running in the process in the background. AND I receive the following error..
Error using feval
Server Creation Failed: Access is denied.
Error in actxserver (line 86)
h=feval(['COM.' convertedProgID], 'server', machinename, interface);
Attempted Resolutions:
  1. I've discussed it with my IT department, and they tell me nothing is blocking it on the Network side.
  2. I've turned off Windows Firewalls on both computers.
  3. I turned off PC Protect, and McAfee.
  4. I checked on Inbound/Outbound Rules and disabled anything in relation to STK, Excel, and MatLab.
I'm using MatLab 2014b. I DO NOT have the Parallel Computing Toolbox, and not sure that I do need it, since I'm not trying to boot/utilize MatLab with MatLab.
Any ideas, information, and help will be greatly appreciated.


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Krishna Chaitanya Duggineni


Jassem Sleiman
Jassem Sleiman on 23 Mar 2016
I appreciate the link. I've opened it and start going through it, to verify everything has been performed correctly. Perhaps you can answer this question, that I almost asked on that link...
For troubleshoot problem #3, what is the correct "designated user license"? I was told by mathworks that the actxserver is not tied to PCT (Parallel Computing Toolbox). What license or toolbox do I need, to complete this action?
Dave Behera
Dave Behera on 24 Mar 2016
Hi Jassem, can you confirm that you have admin access to your server machine with the same account that you are logged into your client machine, and are logged in in both machines simultaneously with this account?
Jassem Sleiman
Jassem Sleiman on 29 Mar 2016
Dave Behera. I apologize for the delay. We've recently had computers need to be reloaded, for a few reasons. So we're currently resolving that issue. One is back and running.
To answer your question: Yes, I can confirm that both computers are using the same user name with the same credentials and are both logged in under said user, which does have admin privileges.
The link that is previously shared is for using MatLab to DCOM to a MatLab. So we're going through that process. However, I am wanting to use MatLab to DCOM to a STK.

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