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Hello, I use Excel documents for defining Inputs- and to Simulink models. Now I'm working on a script to update a model when I manually change the Excel file where I define the inputs. Right now I use winopen('myfile') for opening the file. So now I want to pause the code until the Excel file is closed or stored. Is there some easy way to do that?

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MHN on 23 Mar 2016
This way might work. when you open and Excel file it generate a hidden file (i forget the file extend and I have not Excel right now). You can check whether that file exist in the directory or not. If that file is there, it means the excel is open. The following code checks whether a file exist in current directory or not.
if exist(Name, 'file') == 2 %if the Name file exist, then exist(Name, 'file') will return 2.
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Marlo Wegener
Marlo Wegener on 23 Mar 2016
Yeah, that might work if the file did not exist before but in my case I want to update an already existing file. Unfortunately that does not work.

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