C++ class interface for Simulink and MATLAB with support for code generation

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I have a large C++ class implementing a dynamic model. I'm trying to find a simple way to interface this class so that other people can use it from MATLAB and Simulink.
An important requirement is that the Simulink models using the C++ class supports code generation.
Another constraint is given by the way the C++ class is used. To initialize the C++ class one calls several member functions and their order and usage depends on the particular situation. I would like to give the same initialization flexibility also inside Simulink.
Which is the best way to tackle this problem?

Answers (2)

Joachim Schlosser
Joachim Schlosser on 8 Apr 2016
Edited: Joachim Schlosser on 8 Apr 2016
Please check the Legacy Code Tool that supports also code generation:
You may need to write some functions for the different situations that perform the initialization calls. Also check the note on classes at the end of the first page.

Zack Peters
Zack Peters on 8 Apr 2016
Hi Carlo,
Most of our customers achieve this through C-MEX S-functions. To support code generation you will also need to write a corresponding TLC file for your S-functions.
If you've never used an S-function before, it can be a tough learning process. Here is the landing page to get started:
You may be able to the Legacy Code Tool to get your s-function framework started in the correct direction:


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