Control Raspberry Pi Motor HAT with Simulink

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Maverick on 25 Apr 2016
Answered: K0ertis on 7 Oct 2016
I would like to control the Adafruit Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi using Simulink. I have found a tutorial that shows that Simulink is able to control the Adafruit Motor Shield V2 for Arduino, but this doesn't directly work for the Raspberry Pi Motor HAT. In what way can I control the motors of the Motor HAT from Simulink?

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Vineeth Kartha
Vineeth Kartha on 2 May 2016
From the documentation page provided below: I noticed that the Adafruit Motor HAT uses I2C to communicate to Raspberry Pi.
Please refer the example provided in the link below which explains on how to use I2C with Raspberry Pi.
Hope this helps.
Regards Vineeth

K0ertis on 7 Oct 2016
Did you got any solution? Would also be interested to use the Motor HAT in Simulink.


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