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How to save values as one variable from a for loop

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I have created a 'for' loop which effectively returns a value every time it runs. However, the previous value is overwritten when the 'for' loop executes again, leaving only the last value when the loop ends. I would like to retain all of the values in which the 'for' loop finds, so I can then plot all my data on one graph.
I am finding the branchpoints for multiple images and want all the branchpoints to be accessible in one variable/ vector.
I hope someone can help! Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

J. Webster
J. Webster on 27 Apr 2016
save them in an array. Say you process the loop N times...
myArray = zeros(1,N); %initialize array to all zeros
for i=1:N
myArray(i) = getBranchPoint();
Liyah on 27 Apr 2016
Okay great! I appreciate your help, the code worked well.
Sana Ejaz
Sana Ejaz on 25 Feb 2019
hey I have got the same probelem but when I used your method of declaring the array it give me an error
" Conversion to double from cell is not possible"
How to fix it?

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