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deploytool (2016a) stalling when opening projects?

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Anna Weeks
Anna Weeks on 10 May 2016
When I try to open an existing *.prj (deploytool application) in 2016a, MATLAB stalls and will not open the project. The project is largish but opens fine in 2015b. The source code is sitting in a large directory structure, is this the problem?


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Krishna Chaitanya Duggineni
Source code location should not be a problem. Try the following troubleshooting steps
1) Is this delay specific to one project ? Can you open a project normally if it is a simple standalone executable ?
If your answers to the above questions are not true then try the step below.
2) 'deploytool projectname' will checkout a compiler license before opening deploytool. So, see if the license checkout is causing the MATLAB to lag. To do this, do
>> edit deploytool.m
put breakpoints in the code, then do
>> deploytool projectname
Step through the code. Identify which part of the code is taking more time.


Anna Weeks
Anna Weeks on 17 May 2016
Just to expand, I think that the issue occurs when deploytool tries to find the 'Files required for your application to run'. I have two exact copies of the source code, one on a local drive and one on a networked drive. If I select my main file on the local drive it takes ~2 minutes to find all required files. On the networked drive the screen just locks up. I would assume that it was just a problem with our network, however in 2015b I can get the list of required files from the networked drive in about 3 minutes. Just as an additional check - running a dependency analysis (matlab.codetools.requiredFilesAndProducts) takes about the same time on the two drives. P.S. The license checkout is fine.
Krishna Chaitanya Duggineni
I am not aware of any report that MATLAB R2016a is slow while accessing networks locations. Ideally MATLAB R2016a's performance in this regard should be either the same or better than R2015b.
Perhaps, it is a good idea to create a case with Mathworks Technical Support at this point. You can do so by creating a service request from the link below.

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