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graphics functions don't work

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I've installed Matlab on a linux(Fedora) os. No error message appeared. I went on the installation folder and ran matlab from the terminal with
Every function works well, but when I invoke some graphic functions like plot or surf, the system stops to work like when there is an infinite loop, and i really don't know what to do. For example
It doesn't work.I tried with
and the result is 'on'. I also tried 'plottools' but everything concerning graphics functions don't work


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Accepted Answer

Krishna Chaitanya Duggineni
This could be because of graphics driver related errors. Please provide the following information
1)Does your code run without error when using software OpenGL? you can open MATLAB in software OpenGL mode using 'softwareopngl' flag.
./matlab -softwareopengl
2)Also, Please provide the output of opengl info for all computers you have tested your code on. Try running this command
>> opengl info
on MATLAB command prompt. What is the output ?

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Jacopo  Alessandri
Jacopo Alessandri on 16 May 2016
thank you for your answer. switching on software opengl works. I found another solution, installing bumblebee and using the command
>> primusrun matlab
and it worked, but bumblebee started to give problems with KDE, so i think your solution is better. Anyway, now the output is:
>> opengl info
Version: '2.1 Mesa 10.5.2'
Vendor: 'Brian Paul'
Renderer: 'Mesa X11'
MaxTextureSize: 16384
Visual: 'Visual 0xad, (RGBA 32 bits (8 8 8 8), Z depth 16 bits,…'
Software: 'true'
HardwareSupportLevel: 'none'
SupportsGraphicsSmoothing: 0
SupportsDepthPeelTransparency: 1
SupportsAlignVertexCenters: 0
Extensions: {151x1 cell}
MaxFrameBufferSize: 16384

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 May 2016
MATLAB on OS-X and Linux is not intended to be executed directly from its binary: it is intended to be executed from a framework (OS-X) or from a shell script that sets up appropriate environment variables (Linux)


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