How to crop out the barcode??

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Kim on 11 Feb 2012
Commented: Daniel Purba on 27 Jul 2020
I have found out the way to determine the barcode and currently working on cropping out the barcode. How can I write the code so that it can crop out the barcode?? I have paste my original image and my coding below.
Original Image
Processed Image
% Read Image
rgb = imread('barcode.jpg');
% Resize Image
rgb = imresize(rgb,0.33);
% Convert from RGB to Gray
Igray = rgb2gray(rgb);
BW2 = edge(Igray,'canny');
% Perform the Hough transform
[H, theta, rho] = hough(BW2);
% Find the peak pt in the Hough transform
peak = houghpeaks(H);
% Find the angle of the bars
barAngle = theta(peak(2));
J = imrotate(rgb,barAngle,'bilinear','crop');
Jgray = double(rgb2gray(J));
% Calculate the Gradients
[dIx, dIy] = gradient(Jgray);
%if min(dIx(:))<= -100 && max(dIx(:))>=100 || min(dIy(:))<=-100 && max(dIy(:))>=100
if barAngle <= 65 && barAngle >=-65 && min(dIx(:))<= -100
B = abs(dIx) - abs(dIy);
B = abs(dIy) - abs(dIx);
% Low-Pass Filtering
H = fspecial('gaussian', 20, 10);
C = imfilter(B, H);
C = imclearborder(C);

Accepted Answer

Chandra Kurniawan
Chandra Kurniawan on 12 Feb 2012
D = C > 20;
Ilabel = bwlabel(D);
stat = regionprops(Ilabel,'boundingbox');
for x = 1 : length(stat)
Icrop{x} = imcrop(J,stat(x).BoundingBox);
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Daniel Purba
Daniel Purba on 27 Jul 2020
Mas Chandra, saya menggunakan Code seperti diatas untuk cropping, hanya saja terkendala harus memilih mana cropping image yang mengandung barcode. Apakah ada code khusus untuk langsung mendapatkan cropped image yang mengandung barcode? Terimakasih.
Chandra, I tried the code you gave, the obstacle is we still have to choose a region that contains a barcode. Is there a way that directly displays a cropped image that contains a barcode? Thanks.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Feb 2012
Looks like thresholding at about 20 should do it. Then label and use regionprops to do size filtering and get the bounding box. Then use imcrop to do the cropping.
Kim on 11 Feb 2012
How can I implement this to my coding??
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Feb 2012
Looks like Chandra provided that to you. If you want just the biggest blob though, you'd have to do it slightly differently.

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Andrea Carron
Andrea Carron on 16 Feb 2012
I tried to use the code posted by Kim with the image above, but I obtained this figure:
How is it possible?


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