Reading particular column numbers in Matlab

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subharthi chowdhuri
subharthi chowdhuri on 14 Jul 2016
Answered: Shameer Parmar on 14 Jul 2016
I have a large text file where the number of rows are 51,83,005 and the number of columns are 39. I want to read some specific columns from this file, like for example columns 4:7 , columns 9:12 , columns 14:17 like this. How can I do that using textscan?

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Shameer Parmar
Shameer Parmar on 14 Jul 2016
You can do this..
Data = textread('abc.txt', '%s', 'delimiter', '');
Make sure that the abc.txt file is present in current directory.
It will create variable 'Data' which store all data from your text file..
Now Do this :
Column1 = {};
Column2 = {};
Column3 = {};
for count = 1: size(Data,1)
RowData = Data{count};
Column1{count,1} = RowData(4:7);
Column2{count,1} = RowData(9:12);
Column3{count,1} = RowData(14:17);
at the end, you will get three columns with required data and the rowsize will be the same.
So now if you want to read specific data, for example, all three column data but at row 5, then you can apply such logic.
RequiredData1 = Column1{5};
RequiredData2 = Column2{5};
RequiredData3 = Column3{5};
Let me know if you face any issue..


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