iterate names for LinearModel fit Objects

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I need to iterate through a large number of LinearModel fit Objects and have them stored in a logical way, preferably through an indexing method, e.g. model{x,y}. Less preferable is eval(), which I have tried and in any case is not working. I get the error Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
"Index exceeds matrix dimensions." - although the string expression works just fine outside of eval.
counter = 48;
str=strcat('model',+num2str(counter)); % Dynamic variable name
str1 = strcat(str,'=fitlm(tbl,modelspec)');
Ideally I wanted to do, while iterating through x
model{x,y} = fitlm(tbl,modelspec)
But the error I get is
"Assignment using {} is not allowed for a FitObject."

Accepted Answer

Edward Byers
Edward Byers on 19 Jul 2016
Managed to fix this by assigning a cell structure
model = cell(3,3) % Pre-assign a cell structure
for x=1:3
for y=1:3
model{x,y} = fitlm(tbl,modelspec);

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