How can i prevent MATLAB from wrapping my comments when I publish to PDF?

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Drew L
Drew L on 21 Jul 2016
Commented: Drew L on 6 Sep 2016
I have a script I would like to publish as a PDF to use as a template for teaching a coding class. When I publish, some of the comment lines wrap to a new line, but are missing the comment symbol at the beginning. This can be very misleading if the template is not color, and the new line is not distinguishable from other code. I will attach pictures below to illustrate my point.
Is there some way I can prevent this "wrap" from taking place?
Thank you!
Script as viewed in Editor Window VVV
Script as viewed in published PDF VVV

Answers (1)

Camden Penn
Camden Penn on 1 Sep 2016
Well, I'm not exactly an expert, but this might help with the problem. If you change the comments to a block comment style, the wrap doesn't matter. Sorry I couldn't be more help with your precise question. I hope this is at least a little helpful.
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Drew L
Drew L on 6 Sep 2016
I ended up keeping my comment well to the right of the reference line in the editor window.
It seemed to work. Just a pain in the but to go back and edit all my scripts so they fit!
Thanks anyway :)

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