Heterogeneous nodes architectures in Matlab Parallel Computing Toolbox

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Hi there,
I already have experience in creating a Matlab MJS cluster (I've got 2 Macbooks, both 64 bit architectures) and it works great.
However, I was planning to extend my cluster by means of some Linux machines. I know that a cross-OS cluster can be created, but I was wondering...what if my new machines are 32-bit?
Will that work?
Kindest regards

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Thomas Ibbotson
Thomas Ibbotson on 27 Jul 2016
No, mixing 64-bit and 32-bit workers in the same MJS cluster will not work. All workers must have the same bitness as the MATLAB clients that are submitting jobs to the cluster.
In addition, Parallel Computing Toolbox dropped support for 32-bit OSes in R2015b and in R2016a, MATLAB has dropped support for 32-bit OSes.

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