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How to split a cell array by format (into columns) using fileread command

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I have a text file with text and numbers. there is no constant delimiter. Need to import the file into matrix. I have it done with textscan command, but it must be done with fileread.
With textscan:
fid = fopen( 'file.crn.txt' );
textformat = ['%6c%4c',repmat('%4c%3c',1,10)];
cell_array = textscan( fid, textformat,'headerLines', 3, 'Whitespace', '');
fclose( fid );
string_to_number = cellfun( @(str) str2num( str ), cell_array, 'uni', false );
Matrix=cell2mat( string_to_number );
with fileread got it into cells, but can't split them to the same format as in textscan. Any ideas?
run1 = fileread('file.crn.txt');
run2 = strsplit(run1,'\n');
run3 = run2.';
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Shameer Parmar
Shameer Parmar on 5 Aug 2016
Try with this command
Data = textread('abc.txt', '%s', 'delimiter', '')
Here.. "Data" will be the new cell variable, which contains whole data of your text file.
then you need to apply another for loop to check the data line by line and catch the data whatever you want by applying such condition..OR by converting string into num value..
for i = 1:length(Data)
% Your Logic Here..

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