Polyspace and Report Generator: "PolyspaceData"

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I want to modify a Polypsace report template. Loading a Polyspace report template like e.g. "Polyspace Developer Report (Developer.rpt)" to the MATLAB Report Generator in every step there is used a "PolyspaceData"-object or -class.
E.g. in "Title Page" there is used: "%<PolyspaceData.GetMessage('polyspaceCodeVerification')>".
How can I access this object/class? Is there a way to export "PolyspaceData" from a running polypace project to the MATLAB workspace or so?
Kind regards, Patrick

Answers (1)

Christian Bard
Christian Bard on 2 Nov 2016
Hi Patrick, If you want to customize the report, please refer to documentation http://www.mathworks.com/help/bugfinder/ug/customize-report-template.html for an overview of possible modifications available.
Regards, Christian

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