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Can 2015 and 2016 be licensed on the same server?

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Thomas Dillen
Thomas Dillen on 4 Oct 2016
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I am in the process of re-imaging all the computers in my departments but the older images still have MATLAB 2015 on them and the new images have MATLAB R2016b. It will be a couple weeks before I am done. Can I use the licenses for both of the different versions in the license manager so if a class is active in a lab with the 2015 version it will work also?

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Thomas Dillen
Thomas Dillen on 4 Oct 2016
By Adding the 2015 license in with the 2016 license? In-between the # BEGIN--------------BEGIN--------------BEGIN# and the # END-----------------END-----------------END of the license? or by running separate license managers?

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