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dynamic programming

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newbie;( on 29 Feb 2012
Commented: Ch Saad Ahmed on 12 Apr 2017
anyone able to help me with dynamic programming code? hoping to solve a dynamic optimization problem with backward recursion. My equation is in the form of the Epstein-Zin utility and can be readily transformed to the form of the Bellman equation. Any help folks?? cheers

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Brian Batson
Brian Batson on 14 Dec 2012
Check out Miranda and Fackler's book. The site below has the book in pdf for free. You will need to download their CompEcon toolbox that has dpsolve from Fackler's website (also below). They have great examples of how to carry out dynamic models in Matlab with discrete or continuous time.
newbie;( on 22 Mar 2013
Very helpful, Brian. Thanks!
Ch Saad Ahmed
Ch Saad Ahmed on 12 Apr 2017
Were you able to make a code for this ?? if yes plz do share it..

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