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Connecting Tektronix TDS 3022C oscilloscope to matlab

Asked by MOHD FARUQUI on 1 Mar 2012
I have been struggling from days in connecting the tektronix tds 3022 C oscilloscope to matlab using the instrument control toolbox. I might be facing problems because I am using drivers for tds 3022B instead of 3022C. Somebody's help in providing me MATLAB driver for 3022C will be highly appreciated. Thank you


I am unable to find any Tektronix tds 3022 c. The 3022 model number appears to be part of the AFG (Arbitrary Function Generator) series.
I do find a Tektronics TDS3032C oscilloscope -- note the 30*3*2 part number.
Odd, arvind needs _exactly_ the same driver.

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Answer by MOHD FARUQUI on 3 Mar 2012

Thank you walter for the reply ! Yes it is Tektronix TDS 3032C - DIGITAL PHOSPHOR OSCILLOSCOPE. I am unable to find the .mdd driver for this instrument.

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where you looked for mdd driver? I saw it on website with manufacture and name of the instruments.

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Answer by Brian zhang on 4 Nov 2012

i'm also searching for a scope manual, wish i can find a driver for all scope, or majority of scope and a way to create mdd with options. it will cost you.


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