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Simulink Scope Layout and Signal Selection

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Hi, I can't define which of my input signals fall into which part of the layout in the Simulink Scope.
I have 3 signals. I setup the scope layout to 1 column, 2 rows (2 views, top and bottom). I can't then find a way to put signals 1 & 2 on the top scope and signal 3 on the bottom..
Edit: I see that under [settings > Main > Number of Input ports] there's a button that says 'Layout'. This button is not greyed out but has no action (literally nothing happens)
I'm using R2015b (Simulink 8.6)
Any Ideas? Mark


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Accepted Answer

Swarooph on 27 Oct 2016
Here is the default behavior of the layout button explained in the documentation. To quote it, "If the number of displays are less than the number of ports, signals from additional ports appear on the last display."
In the newer scopes there does not seem to be way (in my understanding) to assign signals to particular axes. The way you can get around this is to use a mux block and feed in signals appropriately to make sure you get the layout and signals assigned reliably. Example snapshot of implementation and display below:

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Mark Underwood
Mark Underwood on 31 Oct 2016
Excellent, thank you.
Hopefully this becomes more obvious in later versions.

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