How to Plot Bending Moment Diagram

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ThB on 3 Nov 2016
Commented: Jacob Salman on 30 Oct 2022
I wrote a piece of code to solve any 2D frame-type structures problem. As my output, I generated the following:
  • Displacement at each node
  • Shapefunction for Bending Moment in each member M(x)
  • Shapefunction for Shear Force in each member V(x)
  • Shapefunction for Displacement of each member Y(x)
Now I would like to plot the the Displaced shape, shear force diagram, and bending moment diagram for the entire structure. To do that, I am planning on starting each shapefunction at the Start node of the member, then plot it x=0:Length and then rotate it in the same angle as the moment.
How would I go ahead to do this? I have no idea how to rotate and position a plot accordingly.
References: This is roughly what I would like my plot to look like (for bending moment and displaced shape):
Ankit Kharat
Ankit Kharat on 19 Jan 2021
can u please send the code???
Jacob Salman
Jacob Salman on 30 Oct 2022
can u send me the code please? i really need it

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Answers (2)

Mahmoud Khadijeh
Mahmoud Khadijeh on 17 Nov 2018
Could you please send your code to me ?
I am working on a project like this and I really need it

Phung Trung
Phung Trung on 17 Dec 2019
Can you send me your code. I have a problem with it

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