Does anyone know about state variables in HDL Code Generation?

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I receive this error in the HDL Coder Genration stage: hdlcoder:pirudd:NonConstStateInInitialization: State variables must be initialized using constant values for HDL code generation. In file 'eml_fi_checkforntype' line 26, col 1, a non constant value is used for initialization

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 16 Mar 2017
Can you please share your design code?
One of the modes this error can popup is if you are using MATLAB code, persistent variables and initializing them with non-zero constant values or with input variables.
the persistent variables which map to flip-flops or RAMs on hardware should always be initialized with zeros.
Please reach out to mw-support related to this question. You can file a documentation and product related bug report here.



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