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Bug when printing to eps

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Charlie on 6 Mar 2012
Answered: Le Thi Khuyen on 24 Feb 2019
I am printing a figure to eps format using the command
print(fig_h, '-deps','-r700',file_saveas)
However, the colorbar comes out in black and white when I view it (in multiple gs viewers). If I print to any other format, tif for example, the color bar comes out in colour as I would expect.
Does anyone have any idea what might cause a bug like this?
I would like to print to eps because this seems to best stick to the paper sizes and font sizes that I set.
Generally I am finding printing from matlab to journal article specifications difficult. Any useful information sources would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Charlie Hogg
version info: Matlab on 32 bit linux.

Answers (2)

Jiro Doke
Jiro Doke on 6 Mar 2012
Does this work?
print(fig_h, '-depsc','-r700',file_saveas)
Charlie on 6 Mar 2012
Of course. Thanks.
I'm still perplexed why -deps printed partly in colour and partly in grey, but I'm pleased I have it working.
Jan on 6 Mar 2012
Objects drawn with RGB-data are printed in color, while indexed colors are converted to black&white - or the other way around.

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Le Thi Khuyen
Le Thi Khuyen on 24 Feb 2019
You can try with this command: print -depsc fig_h.eps


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