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Kartik Patel
Kartik Patel on 4 Jan 2017
Answered: Wasikar on 12 Mar 2018
I want to give the Associate Exam, but they said they will send me an email with info for how to pay for exam but I haven't heard from them for more than a week. What I should do?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Jan 2017
I would wait a little longer. A week ago was between Christmas and New Years, which is a time a lot of people take holidays.

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Accepted Answer

Wasikar on 12 Mar 2018
If you are from taking this exam in India, Mathworks is outsourcing certification activities to kryterion testing center. You will have to search for certification and will be navigated to Kryterion home page for test date,center etc..

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