Simulink Scope Covered Up by Gray Artifact

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Hm on 13 Jan 2017
Edited: Hm on 13 Jan 2017
I've got a couple scope connected to a stateflow chart that's simply outputting values from 0 - 2. For some reason, the scope appears to be covered up by a large grey box/block, and interferes with the signal trace. Anyone know the cause of this? Appears to be happening randomly to scopes as they are opened. I'm running Matlab 2016b. Sample Shots below
Edit: Some more information. Deleting the scope and creating a new one seems to temporarily resolve the issue, but it occurs once more after simulation has been completed. Seems to happen to all 4 of the scopes I have in my model. I have tried restarting and re-opening matlab several times. Still occurs.

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Paul Costa
Paul Costa on 13 Jan 2017
I suggest you contact Technical Support (<>) to have someone help you resolve this issue. Please provide as much information as possible to enable them to reproduce the issue.
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Hm on 13 Jan 2017
Edited: Hm on 13 Jan 2017
Thanks for the suggestion Paul. I've opened a service request and provided as much information as possible. I'll respond if the issue get resolved, in case anyone else experiences the same bug and decides to google it. Thanks.

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